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Amazing Water color paintings by Kamal Gurung May 20, 2010

Art and paintings by: Kamal Gurung
Lalitkala Fine Art Campus, Kathmandu, Nepal

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Beautiful dotpen art by Same Prajapati December 11, 2009

Art by: Same Prajapati
Digital Retouch by: Ananda
Lalitkala Fine Art Campus
IFA 2nd year

Suspense Nature by Jyoti Muchamasi July 29, 2009

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Art by Jyoti Muchamasi
Lalitkala Fine Art Campus
Kathmandu, Nepal


Still life by Sam Rajbhandari

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Sam Art July 17, 2009

Art by Sam Rajbhandari
Lalitkala Fine Art Campus
Kathmandu, Nepal


Paone Pencil Art

Art by Pawan Maharjan


Faces of Nepal (Muskuraye) by Kamal Gurung June 29, 2009

Collection of great paintings of “faces of nepal” by young artist “Kamal Gurung” , student of Lalitkala Fine Art Campus. The song “Muskuraye” is by one of my favourite singer – Aastha Tamang Maskey.